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WebZIP Tour
1. Introduction
2. Downloading Web Content
3. Tasks Organizer
4. Stop, Start & Resume
5. Check Download Progress
6. View Offline
7. The Task Editor
8. Download what, where?
9. Choosing a profile
10. Selecting filetypes
11. Restricting levels & location
12. URL & text filters
13. Scheduling your download

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Viewing Web Sites Offline

WebZIP provides an integrated Web browser (IE4 or above) to quickly view your downloaded Web content and sites. Since Web content is saved in standard HTML, you can also view downloaded sites offline, using any of your preferred browsers.

Browser Screen

To view downloaded content offline simply:

1. Click on a Task and WebZIP will display a list of Web pages downloaded for that Task.

2. Select the page you wish to view from the list and it will be automatically loaded into WebZIP's integrated browser.

In addition, WebZIP lets you view your downloaded Web content even while the site is still being downloaded.

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