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WebZIP Tour
1. Introduction
2. Downloading Web Content
3. Tasks Organizer
4. Stop, Start & Resume
5. Check Download Progress
6. View Offline
7. The Task Editor
8. Download what, where?
9. Choosing a profile
10. Selecting filetypes
11. Restricting levels & location
12. URL & text filters
13. Scheduling your download

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The WebZIP Task Editor


Task Editor screenWebZIP gives you a number of ways in which to create Tasks.

Tasks specify the what, where, and how, of downloading and saving a Web site. Once created, Tasks are placed within the Tasks Organizer, and can be scheduled, run, paused, resumed or stopped.

The WebZIP Task Editor gives you access to all of WebZIP's powerful downloading features, such as the file-type, depth, location and URL filters, and provides you with the most flexibility when downloading a Web site.

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